Inauguration of "Aquí Se Recuerda"

Fecha: (9/11/2018 2:34:27 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. On August 30, 2018, IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, attended the inauguration of the “Aquí Se Recuerda” exhibition at the Costa Rican Center of Cinematography and participated in the FB-live of the event. The show is centered on the human rights triumphs in Central America and has been exhibited in the capitals of those countries, except for Nicaragua.

In the words of Myrtille Danse, Director of HIVOS for Latin America, “recalling the triumphs of human rights allows us to look to the future and to work in a more unified manner” by promoting virtual and on-site actions that record and celebrate the progress achieved in this field in the countries of the region. This initiative is part of the Nexos human rights program, implemented by HIVOS for the Embassy of the Netherlands in Central America.

The exhibition will remain open to the public until September 17 of this year.  More information here

Shown in the photograph are Mirtylle Danse, Director of HIVOS for Latin America; Ana Xóchitl Alarcón, Director of the Film Center; Susana Rochna, Advisor to the NEXOS/HIVOS program and José Thompson.