Inauguration of XIX Inter-American Course on Elections and Democracy

Fecha: (3/8/2021 11:43:38 AM)



San José, Costa Rica. On September 28, 2020, the IIHR President, Claudio Grossman, and its Executive Director, José Thompson, welcomed the 68 participants from 21 countries to the XIX Inter-American Course on Elections and Democracy "Progress and Reverses of Democracy in Latin America."


They were followed by Salvador Romero, President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia and former Director of the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIDH/CAPEL), who gave the inaugural lecture on “Four decades after the democratic transition in Latin America: the different aspects of the progress and the reverses.”

During the three weeks -until October 15- the following topics were considered virtually: 1. Rule of Law; 2. Human rights; 3. Setbacks to democracy; 4. Electoral processes; 5. Security and violence; 6. Economic development and social inequality; 7. Technology and social networks, and 8. Setbacks and changes in democracy during sanitation crises.

In contrast to previous Courses, Latin American professionals contributed to the validation, rectification and dissemination of the preliminary results of the research that is being carried out by IIHR/CAPEL on the progress and reverses of democracy in Latin America. The participants will be able to aid this project with respect to each of the topics covered during the Course. 

Among the participants in the XIX Course were lawyers, political scientists, communicators, educators, internationalists, administrators, pyschologists, electoral and public authorities and staff, activists and five special guests.

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