Fourth Diploma Course on Human Rights and Policing

Fecha: (1/13/2017 2:19:09 PM)

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Santiago de Chile. For the fourth consecutive year, the IIHR through its regional representation in South America, held the Fourth Diploma Course on Human Rights and Policing at the School of Police Investigations (ESCIPOL) with the Investigative Police of Chile (PDI) and with the support of the Chilean Agency of International Cooperation. Emphasis was placed on the topics of migrations, trafficking and refugees from the perspective of gender.

The Course contained two modes, virtual -as part of the Inter-American Virtual Classroom- and on-site. The latter took place November 28 to December 2, 2016 and was attended by 30 members of the PDI, 10 Chilean Carabineros and 10 members of the police of Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay, who were able to have an exchange of experiences and opinions as well as to attend the classes given by experts in the area. 

The opening of the on-site phase of the Course, which was attended by over a 1000 persons, was presided over by the Minister for Women and Gender Equality of Chile, Claudia Pascual; the Inspector Prefect, Christian Lucero Villarreal, Director of ESCIPOL and the Head of Police Education; and Soledad García Muñoz, IIHR Representative in South America. Also attending were high national and police authorities.

The academics were the responsibility of the Ms. García Muñoz, the virtual phase was conducted by Juan Faroppa with the support of Katya Jiménez. Also collaborating were Laura Gómez Vilanova, an expert on the issue of migration and human trafficking, and Stefanía Rainaldi, a lawyer.  

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