Conmemoración del 80º. aniversario de las relaciones diplomáticas entre Costa Rica y Japón

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San José, Costa Rica. On August 6, in a ceremony that featured Sonia Picado, IIHR Honorary President, IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, and Ambassador Mamoru Shinohara, the Japanese Embassy in Costa Rica and the IIHR celebrated the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

After the Director’s welcoming speech, Kazu Hagihara, who is in charge of political affairs at the Embassy, presented an overview of Japan and described the main lines of the relationship with Costa Rica. She was followed by Ambassador Shinohara who, in his talk entitled “History of the International Cooperation of Japan and Common Agenda of Costa Rica and Japan in the International Context,” spoke of the history of Japan’s cooperation policy in the postwar years when efforts were directed towards rebuilding the country, in his talk The second stage, between 1958-1991, saw the development of capabilities to help other nations, and since 1991, following the Cold War, the commitment of Japan to maintain a greater and more active presence at the international level, promoting an agenda with very important matters, such as human rights, peace, environmental protection, arms control, multilateralism with focus on the United Nations, and human security, all of which could create an opportunity to work along with Costa Rica. In addition, he delved into other facets of cooperation, such as science and technology, research and international trade and highlighted the importance that is given to organizations like the Pacific Alliance.

After that, Sonia Picado, Chair of the UN Advisory Board on Human Security, described Japan’s contributions to the dissemination and understanding of the concept and focus of human security. She also emphasized Japan’s commitment to development and implementation and mentioned the achievements in 85 countries, including El Salvador, where 165 projects are being implemented to improve people’s lives.

The Executive Director thanked Ambassador Shinohara for choosing the IIHR to celebrate the event on such a meaningful date: the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, a fact also mentioned by Sonia Picado and both stated that the revival of the country coincided with a foreign policy of peace and cooperation. He also mentioned, among other topics, the institutional efforts shared with Japan to make human rights a common language.

The ceremony was attended by members of the diplomatic community, staff of the IIHR and Japan’s Embassy in Costa Rica, students of the Barranquilla branch of the Universidad Libre of Colombia and others interested in the topic, with whom the speakers engaged in a rich dialogue.

Pictured from left to right, Mamoru Shinohara, Sonia Picado and José Thompson.

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Descargue las presentaciones “Costa Rica y Japón ¡juntos! Una relación amistosa de 80 años”, de Kazu Hagihara, y “History of the International Cooperation of Japan and Common Agenda of Costa Rica and Japan in the International Context”, de Mamoru Shinohara.