Meetings to Modernize the Law of the Senú People

Fecha: (8/31/2016 9:38:36 AM)

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El Bagre, Antioquia, Colombia. On August 20-21, 2016, the local Caciques and the Grand Cacique of the Senú people met with the idea of bringing up-to-date the standards that govern the Senú and their laws .

Also attending the meetings were four traditional doctors, two ethno-educators, the coordinators of the Senú peoples’ guard as well as other well-known leaders, who agreed to write down their laws in the appropriate books, which laws will be presented on September 14 to the authorities of the ordinary jurisdiction in the “Second Dialogue between Jurisdictions.” In addition, 350 families of the ten communities of the municipality will receive a copy of the new standards.

The dialogue among the Senú authorities was part of the agreement adopted by the special jurisdictions of the indigenous people of Colombia and the ordinary courts. It was also part of the agreement signed between the IIHR and the Ministry of Justice, through its Office of Alternatives Methods and Resolution of Conflicts, the purpose of which is to strengthen the ethnic component of the House of Justice of the municipality of El Bagre and the Senú people’s own system of justice as an essential component of the exercise of their autonomy .

The methodology and technical support were provided by Miguel Antonio Galvis and Sonia Zambrano, who were in charge of the general and technical coordination, respectively, of the project. The IIHR was represented by Carlos Mendieta, Academic Advisor .

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