Launching of “Values and Work,” the first labor bank for inmates

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Montevideo, Uruguay. On  June 28, 2017, the IIHR, through its Regional Office for South America, participated in the launching of the “Work and Values” initiative, the first labor bank for former inmates of the pentitentiary system of Uruguay. The objective of the initiative is the creation of a network of at least ten businesses that would support the reinsertion of prisoners after their release. 


In her remarks, Soledad García Muñoz, emphasized that there was “much to be done in the area of businesses and human rights” and the interest created by the initiative beyond the borders of Uruguay. The initiative complements the Yoga and Values program because “it seeks the dignity of the individuals who have made an error in their lives … brings hope to those who are confined and their families … allowing them to regain their dignity through education and being educated.” She recognized the important mission of Juan Miguel Petit and Luis Parodi “helping inmates, who are very stigmatized.” For her part, Pamela Martínez thanked the Spanish Chamber and underlined the importance of yoga in “re-educating habits and alphabetizing consciences.” She also presented a documentary on the program by Belgian reporters, who came to Uruguay to learn details of the initiative. 


Present at the event were, among others, Juan Miguel Petit, Parliamentary Commissioner for the penitentiary system; Luis Parodi, Director of Unit Nº 6 of Punta de Rieles; Pamela Martínez, Director of the Yoga and Values in Jails program; Fernando Vidal, the President of the institution, who stated that “work is an essential element and is the right of every person, under equal conditions”; Antonio Sánchez Bustamante, advisor to the Embassy of Spain, who recalled that “the program is rehabilitating and is a success”; and Martín, Federico and César, three inmates of Punta de Rieles, who asked for help in their transition to society.

In the first photo, Martín, Federico and César, inmates who benefited from the Yoga and Values in Jails program and of the new initiative.

Second photo: Pamela Martínez, Luis Parodi and Soledad García Muñoz.

Third photo: Juan Miguel Petit, Soledad García Muñoz, Pamela Martínez and Fernando Vidal, President of the Chamber.

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