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San José, Costa Rica. The IIHR is pleased to announce the publication of Human rights and business: reflections from Latin America. The book, in Spanish, contains a series of articles by experts on this important theme.

Representing a wide range of disciplines, although the majority from a legal viewpoint, the publication deals with the globalization of the economy, which the editor, Humberto Cantú Rivera, characterizes as “an international interchange that transcends national and regional borders, which has fostered integration towards a large-scale model of the free market with distinct social, economic and ethical consequences.” The editor hopes that the book will contribute to the debate on the dynamic by which businesses are made into “subjects with important rights and prerogatives, but without the minimum obligations of respect for human rights or for the environment in the communities and places where they operate.”

This interesting publication, the first in its field in Spanish that offers “a panoramic view” on these matters according to Surya Deva, a member of the UN Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, encompasses the problems associated by the presence of megaprojects in the region and their environmental consequences and their effect on the human rights of indigenous peoples; the implications for States in terms of international contracts and litigations in commercial tribunals; and the advances in international fora, especially the UN Human Rights Council, which in 2011 gave broad support to the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of John Ruggi, promoted broadly by the Working Group created for that purpose and the Inter-Governmental Working Group that discussed the possibility of a binding treaty that would obligate businesses to comply with international norms of human rights.

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