General call for papers regarding the functioning of UN human rights treaty bodies

Fecha: (7/7/2016 2:33:58 PM)

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Geneva, Switzerland. The Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights of Geneva invites institutions, organizations and individuals from the Americas to present innovative proposals and solutions to meet the challenges of the UN system of human rights treaty bodies .

At the same time, regional workshops are being organized with the idea of broadening the possibilities of contributing to the project.

The papers may respond to the suggested research questions contained in the document available here. These are based on Resolution 68/268 and provide a general framework that will permit comparing responses. Respondents may also submit other points of view, different ideas and other formats .

The submitted papers will be attributed to their authors and will be considered by the General Assembly in 2020 as an contribution to ensure the sustainability of the treaty bodies. At that time, the Assembly may decide on further action to strengthen and enhance the system. The papers will also be considered for the inter-governmental process parallel to the UN Secretary General’s report on the implemention of the recommendations contained in the aforementioned resolution .

It is hoped that many will participate in this joint effort to improve the international protection of human rights .


More information available at UN Treaty Body Review 2020 - Academic Platform Project on the 2020 Review of UN Treaty Bodies, here


Concept note

Background paper

Resolution 68/268 of the Geneva Academy. Strengthening human rights protection by enhancing the effective functioning of the human rights treaty body system , here