Volunteer project “The Colors of Memory and the Resistance”

Fecha: (9/27/2016 11:49:04 AM)

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Toribio, Cauca, Colombia. More than 60 artists from Mexico, Argentina and the cities of Bogotá, Calí, Medellín, Popayán, Pasto, Putumayo, in addition to Nasan artists, volunteed to paint murals in this city, For more than a week, September 17 to 25, 2016, under the theme The Colors of Memory and the Resistance the artists created more than 40 murals with the objective of filling with color and hope the walls of three reservations in a demonstration of the value of art and culture in the construction of peace. 

This event is one of the projects sponsored by the IIHR and the Unit of Victims. 

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