Second advanced mission of UNIORE

Fecha: (5/28/2019 1:59:08 PM)


Panama City. April 11, 2019 marked the conclusion of the second advanced mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE), which visited Panama to observe the preparations for the general elections of May 5. The members of the mission met with the candidates for the mayorality of Panama City and the presidency of the Republic, as well as representatives of organizations of civil society. During their stay, the members were apprised of the advances that had been made with respect to electoral reform and to the challenges regarding the coming elections.



The mission was comprised of Alberto Guevara Castro, Director General of International Affairs of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation of Mexico; Wilfredo Penco, Vice President of the Electoral Court of Uruguay; the Head of the National Registry of Colombia, Juan Carlos Galindo, and Sofía Vincenzi, Coordinator of Operations of the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance IIHR/CAPEL, the Executive Secretariat of UNIORE.

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