UNIORE mission observes general elections in Bolivia

Fecha: (11/27/2020 2:25:57 PM)


La Paz, Bolivia. On October 18, 2020, the members of the mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE), who observed the general elections held that day in Bolivia, visited polling places in the Department of  La Paz.


During their visit, the members took the necessary precautions to guarantee the right to health of the voters.


After the polls were closed, those Mission members in Bolivia met virtually with the other members to share the information collected during election day. Their observations and recommendations were included in a report, prepared by CAPEL, that was delivered to the electoral authorities.


The mission began its work on October 16 with a press conference and a meeting with political analysts. A virtual advance mission had met previously with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal regarding preparations for the day of the election.


Heading the mission was José Thompson (Director of IIHR and its Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance, Executive Secretariat of  UNIORE), who closely followed events from Costa Rica and who attended the virtual meetings, along with others who did not travel to Bolivia. The spokesperson in Bolivia was the technical secretary Pamela San Martín, who participated along with delegations of the National Electoral Office of Argentina, the Contentious Electoral Tribunal of Ecuador, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador, the Superior Electoral Tribunal of the Dominican Republic and the National Registry of Civil Status of Colombia. Also representing CAPEL were Tasheena Obando and Andrea Tercero, international advisors, and Dennis Cascante, advisor on information technology.

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