UNIORE mission observes presidential elections (first round) in Colombia

Fecha: (6/5/2018 2:43:42 PM)


Bogotá, Colombia. A mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) observed the initial round of the presidential elections that took place in Colombia on May 27, 2018.

As part of the visit, Yolima Carrillo, President of the National Electoral Council, met with Julio César Castaños, head of the mission and President of the Central Electoral Borad of the Dominican Republic; María Elena Wapenka, President of UNIORE, and José Thompson, Executive Director of the IIHR and the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance Electoral (IIHR/CAPEL), Executive Secretariat of UNIORE.

On election day, the mission, divided into several groups, visited polling places from their opening until voting was closed. The members then met and made their evaluations and recommendations, which will be included in a report that will be presented to the country’s electoral bodies.

On May 26, the members held a meeting with the Association of Women Magistrates of the Americas (AMEA) and representatives of the National Office of Programs of UN Women- Colombia that focussed on women.

Mr. Thompson was accompanied by Sofía Vincenzi, Coordinator of Operations, and Tasheena Obando, a specialist in the area.