UNIORE mission observes municipal elections in Costa Rica

Fecha: (2/7/2020 9:44:29 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. The Electoral Observation Mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) began its activities on January 31, 2019 with an academic sesssion with the Magistrates of the Supreme Tribunal of Elections (TSE) and a meeting with the President of Costa Rica in anticipation of the elections that will take place on February 2. The agenda also included meeting with the candidates for Mayor of the Central District of San José, which took place on the day before the elections.


The academic session took place at the IIHR Inter-American Classroom on Human Rights.
Representing CAPEL, the Executive Secretariat of UNIORE, were José Thompson and Sofía Vincenzi, its Director and Coordinator, third and sixth from the left..

On election day, the 29 members of the mission were divided into groups in order to visit different polling places from their opening until their closing. They later witnessed the transmission of the results and then met to exchange opinions and to draft the report, which will contain their comments and recommendations, that will be presented to the electoral authorities of Costa Rica.

The UNIORE mission was given the status of International Observers, in accordance with the guidelines established by the TSE. In addtion to Mr. Thompson and Ms. Vincenzi, Tasheena Obando and Andrea Tercero participated in the mission as part of the CAPEL delegation.


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