UNIORE mission visits Argentina for primary elections

Fecha: (10/31/2019 9:45:43 AM)


Buenos Aires, Argentina. As part of the International Visitors Program of the National Electoral Council and the National Electoral Chamber, a delegation of the Inter-American of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) visited Buenos Aires during the period August 8-12, 2019 to observe the internal party elections that selected the candidates for the presidency to be decided on October 27.


The agenda of the delegation included meetings with authorities of the Council, the Chamber and the National Electoral Command; a presentation of how the votes are counted and a panel on the role of the mass media. On August 11, the members visited different polling places and then visited the Center where the results are announced.


Tasheena Obando, international specialist, represented the UNIORE Executive Secretariat, which is carried out by the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL).