UNIORE mission observes second round of presidential election in Ecuador

Fecha: (4/6/2017 11:28:16 AM)

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Quito, Ecuador. A mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) was in Ecuador during the week of March 28, at the invitation of the National Electoral Council (NCE), to observe the second round of the presidential election that was held on Sunday, April 2.

The mission was comprised of judges and staff of the electoral bodies of Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia and Venezuela. They were joined by Sofía Vincenzi, Tasheena Obando and Ricardo Valverde, staff members of its Executive Secretariat, the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR-CAPEL).

The agenda included visits to such entities as the Joint Command of the Armed Forces and the CNE Monitoring Center. There were also meetings with the CNE advisors, Judges of the Contentious Electoral Tribunal, directors and coordinators of the election and representatives of the two political parties involved in the run-off. On March 30 and 31, the mission observed the voting of persons deprived of their freedom who had not been sentenced and the persons, who for reasons of disability, were able to vote at home. On election day, the members of the mission broke into groups to observe the voting in different areas.

On the basis of what had been observed, the group presented a report to the CNE that summarized the comments and contributions of its members.