IIHR study mission on the 2015 parliamentary elections in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Fecha: (12/18/2015 11:56:12 AM)

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Caracas, Venezuela. The Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) formed a study and research mission on the Venezuelan parliamentary elections that were held on December 6, 2015.

The delegation was comprised of the following political and academic figures as well as of Latin American electoral experts: Carlos Mesa, former President of Bolivia; Alejandra Barrios, Director of the Colombian Electoral Observation Mission; Delia Ferreira, Researcher at the Center of Studies of Applied Public Policy of Argentina; Fernando Ojesto, former President of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary of Mexico; Salvador Romero Ballivián, Director of the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL); Rotsay Rosales, Professor at the University of Costa Rica; and Ricardo Valverde, IIHR Program Officer.

The delegation visited Venezuela in November and in December, at which times the delegation met with a broad, pluralistic and representative group of political leaders, institutional authorities, researchers, leaders of electoral monitoring organizations, union leaders, and representatives of the international community. As a result of their visits, the delegation issued the “Preliminary Declaration of the Study Mission of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights on the 2015 Parliamentary Elections in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” which is available here.

The press release may be found here

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