UNIORE mission observes elections in Paraguay

Fecha: (5/18/2018 11:08:03 AM)


Asunción, Paraguay. A mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) visited Paraguay to observe the general and departamental elections of April 22, 2018. The previous day the mission signed a memorandum of understanding with the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice (TSJE) regarding the procedures to be followed and it met with the candidates for President and Vice President.


The memorandum was signed by José Thompson, Executive Director of IIHR/CAPEL (Executive Secretariat of UNIORE); Jaime Bestard, President of the TSJE; and Patricio Santamaría, President of the Electoral Service of Chile and head of the UNIORE mission.

On election day, the mission was divided into eight groups to visit different polling places throughout the country from the opening to the closing of voting.


The delegation of the UNIORE Executive Secretariat was comprised of its Director, José Thompson; the Coordinator of Operations, Sofía Vincenzi; and the consultants Tasheena Obando and Andrea Tercero.

Pictured in the photographs are José Thompson, Jaime Bestard and Patricio Santamaría.

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