New publication on the right to consultation of indigenous peoples and the resolution of environmental conflicts

Fecha: (10/23/2018 10:12:01 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. The Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) is pleased to present “Pueblos indígenas y afrodescendientes: herramientas para la defensa del territorio. Indicadores para la evaluación de la consulta y protocolo para la resolución de conflictos socioambientales” (Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples: tools for defending their lands. Indidators to evaluate the consultation and a protocol to resolve socio-environmental conflicts). This publication gives context to the conflicts and disputes regarding territory and nature in the hemisphere, the role and practices of private enterprise with respect to the exercise of the right to consultation and the principle of prior, free and informed consent and the extent of the lack of respect of the rights of the affected communities and their vulnerabilities by the diverse interests.

The text includes various approaches and proposes different practices to resolve the issues, such as dialogue, mediation and access to formal justice, based on interpretating the conflicts as not necessarily negative phenomena that may be transformed or directed in a creative, constructive and positive manner to advance in the areas of prevention, transformation and regulation in order to avoid violence.

Both the system of indicators and the protocol to resolve socio-environmental conflicts suggest a road map to resolve disputes opportunely and at the lowest social, human and environmental cost for the communities involved. The IIHR hopes, in this manner, to contribute to fostering a prompt, fair and fluid approach to the conflicts respecting the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples that would allow an understandable and transparent process that is culturally appropriate and easily accessible for the communities and other actors involved in this area, principally the States and private enterprise.

This publication may be downloaded by completing the form available at aquí