Participants in LGBT workshop sign "Pact for Diversity”

Fecha: (11/10/2015 10:06:40 AM)

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San Andrés, Colombia. On October 3, leaders of victims’ groups in San Andrés, along with staff of the Ombudsman Office, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, and the Departmental Assembly and representatives of human rights organizations signed the Pact for Diversity, a commitment to work for the visibility of LGBT victims in the island and to guarantee their rights, adopting the statement: “For life, for peace, I am commited to diversity. ".

The agreement was signed as part of "PARTICIPAZ, la Ruta de los Derechos" course, which contained a module related to LGBT victims. The course, which is supported by the IIHR, is intended to reflect the reality of the victims of the military conflict in Colombia by means of a pedagogical training process on victims’ rights and integral reparations .

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