Planning activities in the area of citizen security, coexistence and human rights

Fecha: (4/6/2017 11:32:10 AM)


Montevideo, Uruguay. The IIHR Regional Office for South America is holding a series of meetings with organizations of civil society regarding the Multiple Response System (MRS), a methodological tool designed and tested by the IIHR to strengthen communities with regard to the social prevention of violence and insecurity and train them in strategies for combatting these scourges by providing them with a series of reflections and information that will give them a conceptual understanding of the matter. Among the organizations involved are OmBijam Space, which deals with the re-education of persons deprived of their freedom, and the Association of Families of Victims of Delinquency, an NGO that is dedicated, among others, to victims of crime.  

The MRS was also presented to the person in charge of the Division of Gender Policies of the Ministry of Interior of Uruguay, July Zabaleta, in a meeting attended by Marcelo Koyra, an Argentine expert in citizen securioty, who spoke of experiences in countries such as Nicaragua and Paraguay.