Presentation of results of “Early Infancy, Art, Human Rights and Citizen Coexistence” project

Fecha: (10/17/2017 2:46:38 PM)

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Montevideo, Uruguay. The results of the “Early Infancy, Art, Human Rights and Citizen Coexistence” were announced on October 6, 2017. The first phase of the activity was implemented by the IIHR, through its Regional Office for South America, and the Teatro Solís, with support from the Mexico-Uruguay Binational Fund. 

The event was opened by María Julia Muñoz, Minister of Education and Culture; María Elena Martínez, member of the IIHR General Assembly; Daniela Bouret, Director of the Teatro Solís, and Jorge Navratil, of the Office of Culture of the Mayorality of Montevideo. Marcelo Koyra, an IIHR consultant, presented the project’s main indicators and effects. Among them were studies to improve the abilities of teachers to increase the artistic dimension of institutional educational projects (PEI) and thus contribute to the integral development of children through creativity, the expression of emotions and empathy; ways that lead to situations, stereotyping and other factors that contribute to limiting such abilities; pedagogical recommendations “to feed the artistic dimension and education in human rights in the PEI” and a plan of transference and scaling. The project also resulted in the creation of methodologies and tools and training in human rights that was combined with the performing and visual arts for the teachers and parents in order to contribute to eliminating violent acts of discrimination and school bullying in both Uruguay and Mexico.


Those involved –the kindergarten teachers and mothers of the participating children- spoke of the importance of initiatives like this in which many different parts of the community play a role.

The project was recognized as a “good educational practice” by the Inter-American Institute of the Child, a specialized organ of the Organization of American States. In a formal note, the Director General of the Institute, Victor Giorgi, “recognized that the results show a change in focus that the school community has experienced with regard to the protection and promotion of the rights of children, which makes the project a good practice in eradicating violence towards children in their daily life.”

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