First course on Access to Justice and Human Rights

Fecha: (5/12/2017 9:39:56 AM)


San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The First Course on Access to Justice and Human Rights, in which 200 persons participated, took place during the week of March 20, 2017. It was conducted by the IIHR in association with the Institute of Integral Legal Training (ICAJUR) and was led by Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of the Center of Resources and Studies in Education in Human Rights (IIHR/CREEDH).

The Course was comprised of classes on The Application of International Treaties as Domestic Law, The International Framework of the Protection of Human Rights and Access to Justice as a Guarantee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, given by Mr. Padilla; Relevant Jurisprudence and Precedents of the Inter-American Court and Commission in the area of Access to Justice, by Fabiola Martínez, Director of the Coordination of Human Rights, Gender Equality and International Affairs of the Council of the Federal Judiciary; The National Framework of Human Rights Protection, by Rogelio Flores, Director of the Institute of Constitutional Studies of the State of Querétaro; Constitutional Justice. Control of Conventionality, given by Salvador Avila Lamas, former Judge of the State Supreme Court and Director of ICAJUR, and Integral Reparation of Human Rights, by Ana Lorena Delgadillo Pérez, Executive Director of the Foundation and of the Democratic State and Law.

In addition to the above lectures, there were two roundtables: References on Access to Justice by Vulnerable Groups in Mexico, moderated by Adalberto Méndez López, Director of the Area of Attention for Disabled Persons of the National Commission of Human Rights, with the participation of Celia García Valdivieso (State Executive Commission on Attention to Victims), Ricardo Humberto Preciado Jiménez (State Human Rights Commission) and Professor Guillermo Luévano Bustamante of the UASLP and Access to Justice in the Mexican Judicial System, moderated by Mr. Ávila Lamas with the participation of Judge Laura Carla Martínez and Magistrates Enrique Alberto Durán Martínez and José Manuel Quistlán Espericueta.

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