New publication on the protection of the rights of unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents

Fecha: (2/15/2017 10:47:12 AM)


The IIHR is pleased to announce the publication of Practices regarding the protection of the rights of unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents in the Northern Triangle and Mexico. This type of migration, a relatively recent phenomenon, has greatly increased and has resulted in the formulation and implementation of measures at the local, national and international levels that are aimed at reducing the phenomenon and protecting the rights of this especially vulnerable group. Some of these measures are economic, while others are directed to mitigating the underlying factors in the countries of origin and still others are seeking to confront the conditions of vulnerability of these youth during the migration, including their departure, transit, arrival and return to their countries of origin.

In order to learn about and systematize the actions being taken, research was undertaken in the four countries where the phenomenon is most observed and the findings of which are gathered in this publication. A critical reading of the causes of the migration of children and adolescents in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras is followed by the responses of the respective governments and the organizations that work with these youth and the practices regarding the protection of their rights, among other matters.  

It is hoped that this publication, as a means of disseminating potentially effective actions to confront the problem, will be useful for those who deal with this problem and will result in decisions that protect their rights, especially the right to remain in their country and enjoy the opportunities and conditions so that they might develop their full potential.

The publication, in Spanish, may be obtained free of charge by filling in the form that may be downloaded here

(Adapted from the presentation of the publication by the IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson)