May our dear friend Gilda Pacheco rest in peace

Fecha: (9/3/2020 10:22:44 AM)


The authorities and staff of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights regret the sudden death of our dear colleague and friend Gilda Pacheco, a complete woman and professional and a firm believer in worthy causes, with whom we shared a lifetime commitment to the full exercise of respect for human rights and the dignity of every person.

During the many years in which Gilda worked at the IIHR (1994-2009) as a Program Officer of the Human Rights of Women program and later as Director of the Area of Civil Society Organizations, she was known for her dynamism, enthusiasm, creativity and human touch in implementing, together with the team that she ably led, the dozens of projects and hundreds of activities under her responsibility.

Today we say to Gilda that her premature departure fills us with sadness and that we will always remember her big heart and her devoted and generous dedication to an endeavor that allowed her to give her utmost on behalf of all of us. During these difficult times, we express our sincere condolences to her family and we hope that, in remembering her life and contributions, they find comfort and resignation in the face of their irreparable loss.

We shall always remember you, dear Gilda.

San José, Costa Rica, August 24, 2020.