IIHR Representative for South America visits Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation

Fecha: (7/21/2017 2:33:24 PM)

Reunión con la Cámara Española(450).jpg

Montevideo, Uruguay. On May 24, 2017, the IIHR Representative for South America, Soledad García Muñoz, and the Director of the Yoga and Values in Jails program, Pamela Martínez, visited the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Uruguay, the main link between Spain and Uruguay, and met its General Director, Carmen Miranda, and the Economic and Commercial Advisor of the Spanish Embassy, Antonio Sánchez Bustamante. The purpose of the meeting was to analyze the activities of human rights education that both the Institute and Espacio OmBijamk have been developing in rehabilitation centers, as well as exploring possible alliances in line with the missions of the two institutions.  

The visitors explained the achievements of the program in recent years, its repercussions, even beyond Uruguay, and the importance of involving businesses as agents of change. They stated that the program has already been endorsed by the Embassy of Spain, the Cultural Center and the Training Center of Spanish Cooperation.

They also stated their willingness to collaborate in achieving the principal goal of the institutional alliance with OmBijam, which, in addition to continuing to support the Shala yoga project that began in October 2016 in a school of reeducation in Unit No. 6 of the Punta de Rieles prison, seeks to introduce new actors into the rehabilitation of persons deprived of their liberty so that they might achieve their full recupeeration with respect to human rights.