IIHR Representative participates in documentary on “Yoga and Values in Jails”

Fecha: (4/4/2017 10:13:11 AM)

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Montevideo, Uruguay. Among the many activities of the “Yoga and Values in Jails” program, of the IIHR and the OmBijam Space in Unit 6 of Rehabilitation, is the documentary “Another Way of Thinking is Possible,” which was introduced on March 22 as part of the series of lectures “Yoga and Values in Jails: Recidivism versus Reinsertion” that compiled the activities carried out both in that Unit of Rehabilitation and in other places. On March 31, the authors, a group of young volunteers, visited the IIHR Regional Office for South America to promote their work and to interview the IIHR Representative, Soledad García Muñoz, who spoke of the highlights of the program. 

This pioneering experience has been widely disseminated in the mass media –television, radio, newspapers, social media and the Internet- which has sensibilized, informed and made the general public aware of the problems and realities of persons deprived of their freedom. In December 2015, French journalists based in Belgium reported on it because they considered it an exemplary and highly relevant undertaking in Latin America given its impact in the social development of the community.

A preview of the documentary (in Spanish)