IIHR/CAPEL Meeting with National Electoral Council of Honduras

Fecha: (3/1/2021 1:07:40 PM)

Reunin del IIDHCAPEL con el Consejo Nacional Electoral de Honduras.png (1)

San José, Costa Rica. On October 27, 2020, the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL) and the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Honduras held their first meeting under the General Agreement of Inter-Institutional Cooperation, signed recently to “set the bases to propose, promote and implement bi-lateral and multi-lateral projects of academic and professional exchange, consultation, cooperation and technical assistance on matters related to the development of democracy, human rights, elections and electoral justice.” 

The meeting began with remarks by Ana Paola Hall (President of the CNE), Rixi Moncada (Advisor of the CNE) and Sofía Vincenzi (Coordinator of IIHR/CAPEL). They were followed by the introduction of Allan Chavarría, of the CNE Office of Technological Systems and Stategies and the words of Johnny Rivera (Director of Information Technology of the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic), Fausto Von Streber (Director of Information Technology of the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice of  Paraguay) and Dennis Cascante (former Director of Information Technology of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica and CAPEL advisor). Also present was Kelvin Aguirre, advisor to the CNE. The meeting ended with an exchange of experiences among the participants.                    

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