Annual Meeting of Cooperation

Fecha: (6/21/2019 11:56:26 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. The Annual Meeting of Cooperation took place on May 22, 2019 at IIHR Headquarters. Participating were Gro Dahle and Ane Rosnes, Counselor and Advisor for Central America of the Embassy of Norway that covers Mexico and Central America, respectively, and Outi Karppinen, Program Officer of the Swedish Embassy in Guatemala.

Representing the IIHR were José Thompson, Executive Director; Ana Cristina Saborío, Coordinator of Administration and Finances; Cecilia Truque, Financial Official; Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of Education; Natalia Arce, Academic Advisor; Larissa Segura (Head of Monitoring and Evaluation and Coordinator of Projects, and Evelyn Fernández, Projects Assistant.


After a presentation of the progress and main results obtained as a result of prior agreements with both countries, a new agreement of cooperation was signed with Norway that will extend to 2022, which will continue a long relationship that will enable both parties to achieve the common goals on promotion, research and education in human rights in the region.


Jorge Padilla, Ana Cristina Saborío, Cecilia Truque, Ane Rosnes, José Thompson, Natalia Arce, Larissa Segura, Gro Dahle, Outi Karppinen and Evelyn Fernández.