Meeting of Electoral Authorities of MERCOSUR

Fecha: (9/22/2017 2:24:39 PM)


Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. On September 14-15, 2017, the Executive Director of the IIHR and the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance, José Thompson, attended the Meeting of the Electoral Authorities of MERCOSUR that dealt with “Progress and challenges for democracy and electoral systems.”

Mr. Thompson was a member of the first panel on “International cooperation for the strengthening of democracy and electoral systems” together with Dias Toffoli and Tarcisio Vieira de Carvalho Neto, members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal of Brazil (TSE); Daniel Zovatto, Regional Director of International IDEA for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Gerardo de Icaza, Director of the OAS Department of Electoral Cooperation and Observation. The moderator of the panel was Admar Gonzaga, magistrate of the TSE.


Attending the event were high electoral authoritieof the countries of MERCOSUR, among them, María Elena Wapenka, Paraguayan magistrate and President of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies.

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