Second UNIORE Advanced Mission to Peru

Fecha: (1/9/2020 2:01:08 PM)


Lima, Perú. The Second Advanced Mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) began its visit on December 17 with regard to the congressional elections of 2020.


The delegation was received by full membership of the National Jury of Elections, presided by Víctor Ticona Postigo.


The delegation then met with the Head of the National Office of Elections, Manuel Cox, and other high officials.

At both meetings, the delegation was apprised of the current situation and the progress made in anticipation of the elections.

These special Congressional elections, which will be held January 26, 2020, will be observed by some 50 persons representing the electoral bodies that make up UNIORE and, for the first time, observations will be conducted in the interior of the country. 

The Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL), the Executive Secretariat of UNIORE, was represented by its Executive Director, José Thompson.

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