Second phase of the course on the Digest of Access to Justice of the THEMIS Methodology

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The second phase of Training in the Use of the Digest of Access to Justice of the THEMIS Methodology, held April 24-26, 2017, was conducted by the Center of Resources and Studies in Education in Human Rights (CREEDH/IIDH) and the DIRAjus program of GIZ, the German cooperation agency.


The activity was opened by Judge Jorge Serrano, at the far right in the photograph; the Director of the DIRAjus program, Helen Ahrens; and Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of CREEDH/IIDH, both pictured at the far left of the first row. After the presentation of the participants, Ms. Ahrens, Inti Schubert, also of DIRAjus and Mr. Padilla explained the methodology and schematic model of the course.

The participants were then welcomed by the Advisor to the German Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Karin Jahr. The three days of the course were devoted to case-studies and a debate on the duty to motivate, the function of legal interpretation in the context of the new paradigm and the relationship between the facts and the law for the proper application of the control of conventionality.


The participants in the course, which was held in the Judicial School, were staff and judges of the Criminal and Civil Courts of Appeal and the Civil and Constitutional Chambers of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras. In charge of the exercises were Inti Schubert and Jorge Padilla. In addition, Jorge Calderón, a senior lawyer ofßß the Secretariat of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, participated in the analysis of the course and lectured on “The control of conventionality as a catalyst of human rights.”

Information on the first phase of the course here. 

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