On-site week of the international diploma course on the Inter-American System of Human Rights

Fecha: (11/15/2016 10:11:59 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. Some 20 students participated in the on-site phase of the International Diploma Course on the Inter=American System of Human Rights, which took place November 7-11, 2016. The participants were law students at the Universidad Libre of Colombia, especially the Cali and Cúcuta branches. The activity was a joint project of the IIHR and the Universidad Libre.

In the morning of the first day of the course, Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education, spoke on “Emblematic cases of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.” In the afteronoon, Nadiehezka Palencia lectured on "Reparations and Restitution of Land." The following day the participants visited the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they were received by Marcela Zamora and Norman Lizano, of the Office of Foreign Policy. Classes on “Foreign Policy and Human Rights” and Costa Rice and Disarmament” took place at the Ministry. This was followed by a lecture at the Supreme Tribunal of Elections on “Democracy and Inter-American Justice of Human Rights,” given by Elizabeth Odio, judge of the Inter-American Court and a member of the IIHR General Assembly.

The students visited the UN University of Peace on November 9 and the following day had a guided tour of the Inter-American Court highlighted by staff attorney Fidel Gómez’ talk on the Inter-American System of Human Rights, which preceded that of Ivannia Monge on “National Human Rights Institutions.” On the final day, there were lectures on “Control of Conventionality” and “The Inter-American Democratic Charter,” by Guillermo Díaz and Jorge Padilla, respectively. The week-long course was closed by IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, and Mr. Padilla.

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