On-site week of course on IASHR

Fecha: (10/31/2019 9:41:16 AM)


Barranquilla, Colombia. The on-site week of the Universidad del Atlántico’s diploma course regarding the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights took place July 15-19, 2019. After the inauguration and a review of the main concepts covered during the virtual phase, undertaken by Juan Navarrete and Adriana Piquero, IIHR Representatives in Colombia, the first day began with classes and case studies, which dealt with the following topics: the principal obligations of States with respect to the IASHR and the Inter-American System of Human Rights and human mobility; institutional responses and the human rights of migrants, led by Mr. Navarrete and Ms. Piquero; control of conventionality, by Ms. Piquero; and the inter-action between international and domestic law and the international norms of human rights, taught by Jorge Padilla.

There were also lectures on the concept, characteristics and scope of human security and the challenges of migration in that context, given by Iván Mauricio Figueredo, and the role of the American Convention on Human Rights in the development of the international law of human rights, by José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director. Cecilia Giovanetti and Miguel Galvis spoke on the rights of migrants and the situation of minorities at the borders with emphasis on bi-national ethnic groups, migrants and refugees.

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