On-site week of international diploma course on “Inter-American System of Protection of Human Rights”

Fecha: (7/15/2019 9:24:46 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. The on-site part of the international diploma course on “The Inter-American System of Protection of Human Rights,” which  was organized by the IIHR through its Office in Colombia and the Bogotá branch of the Universidad Libre, took place June 10-16, 2019. The 70 students who participated had spent several weeks studying the norms and organs of protection -the Inter-American Commission and Court- of the regional system, both from a theoretical as well as practical viewpoint, with an analysis of the decisions in emblematic cases.


During their stay in San José, the participants visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Ombudsman and the National Commission for Improving the Administration of Justice, where the students were informed on their respective roles in the protection of human rights in Costa Rica.

The virtual classes, held April 29 to June 9, plus the on-site week gave the students an integral knowledge of the Inter-American System not only as a mechanism to litigate cases but also with respect to its most important function: the promotion and prevention of human rights.


Shown are Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education; Miguel Manjarrés, a participant; Adriana Piquero of the IIHR Office in Colombia; José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director, and Hernando Peña, Professor of Human Rights of the Universidad Libre.

The academics of the course were led by Ms. Piquero, Mr. Padilla and Prof. Peña.

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