International Executive Seminar "National Cybersecurity and Elections”

Fecha: (1/26/2021 3:22:23 PM)


The International Executive Seminar on "National Cybersecurity and Elections,” organized by the Graduate School of Political Management of George Washington University (GSPM) and convoked by the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL), was inaugurated on December 15, 2020. Roberto Izurieta, GSPM Project Director for Latin America, welcomed the participants and gave an overview of the US elections and José Thompson, Executive Director of IIHR and CAPEL, offered details about the event.

The participants then were apprised of the experiences, history and the lessons learned in this field by the Tribunal of Electoral Justice of Paraguay (Fausto von Streber), the Electoral Service of Chile (Rodrigo Lizana) and the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (Yuri González). The day ended with the questions of the participants and the conclusions of the moderator, Nicolás Deane.

The second day was taken up with strategic planning on the local, regional and national levels (Dennis Cascante, CAPEL cybersecurity expert), an introduction to the situation of fake news and electoral campaigns (Wendy Reyes), a panel of representatives of companies specializing in electoral technology, and ended with a discussion among the participants and conclusions.

December 17 was devoted to cybernetic attacks (Xavier Salvador), protecting the integrity of elections (Hugo Rodríguez Nicolau, Political Director of Twitter in Spanish-speaking Latin America) and monitoring fake news (Redes Quinto Poder MEX). As previously, there followed questions and conclusions.

Mr. Izurieta and Mr. Thompson closed the activity.

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