International Seminar on Prevention of Human Rights Violations

Fecha: (6/19/2019 1:49:12 PM)


Bogotá, Colombia. During the week of May 6, 2019, the IIHR, through its Bogotá Office, held the International Seminar on the Prevention of Violations of Human Rights. Forty members of the National Police of Colombia, who work in the prevention and protection of the basic rights of social activists and human rights defenders, participated in the event. The program was based on the specialized contribution of the organs of the Inter-American System of Human Rights -the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights- as contained in their reports, emblematic jurisprudence and resolutions that refer to this population. 


The general purpose of the activity -strengthening the capabilities of the police- was achieved through four specific objectives containing cognitive, axiological and applicative components. With regard to the first, by analyzing the principal lines of jurisprudence the IIHR reaffirmed the work and competences of the organs so as to adopt and/or strengthen public policy regarding the prevention of violations of the fundamental rights of individuals, groups and communities, especially those in situations of vulnerability and those who are social activists and human rights defenders.

As to the component of values, there was a differential and gender focus on the mechanisms of the prevention of the human rights violations of persons in situations of vulnerability and, with respect to the applicative component, skills were developed, by means of a practical exercise, to formulate preventive plans for the protection of social activists and human rights defenders based on a focus of human security and human rights.

The Seminar was conducted by Adriana Piquero and Juan Navarrete, IIHR representatives in Colombia, Tatiana Price, a consultant, and Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education.


Pictured above: José Restrepo, Tatiana Price, Jorge Herrera y Adriana Piquero.

The National Police were represented by Colonels José Libardo Restrepo Villamil and Edwin Albeiro Villota Romo, Head of the Elite Police Corps to which the participants belonged, and Sub-Director of Criminal Investigation, respectively, and Captain Jorge Iván Herrera Sánchez.

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