Third and fourth meetings of Project of Horizontal Cooperation promoted by IIHR-CAPEL

Fecha: (8/10/2020 5:35:12 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. The third and fourth meetings of the “Project of Horizontal Cooperation. Organizing elections during pandemics. Implementation of sanitation protocols” took place August 4, 2020. The events were organized by IIHR-CAPEL, in its role of Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE), and the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic (JCE).


The lecturer at the third meeting was Julio César Castaños, JCE President, who was joined by his colleagues. In addition to discussing the election of July 5, Mr. Castaños explained the decisions taken by the JCE regarding the drawing up of a sanitation protocol and its bases, such as an evaluation of the context and the underlying principles.   


At the fourth meeting, Joel Lantigua, JCE Director of International Affairs, referred to the coordination and organization of the UNIORE Observation Mission.

Participating in the activity were magistrates from the electoral bodies of Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Peru. Representing IIHR-CAPEL were its Director, José Thompson, its Coordinator, Sofía Vincenzi, and the international specialists, Tasheena Obando and Andrea Tercero.

The first two meeetings, held on July 30, dealt with electoral organization and communication.

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