Meeting of leaders of forced displacement

Fecha: (7/6/2016 12:09:30 PM)

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Bogotá, Colombia. The Third National Meeting of Leaders of Forced Displacement, where some 240 representatives of victims of displacement of the National Group of Victims meet with the institutions responsible for their attention and reparations, took place July 5-7, 2016. Also participating were high-ranking officials of the government.

The objective of the activity was to make proposals and suggest solutions to improve reparations with respect to living conditions (employment, salaries, housing, land) and principal matters such as relocation, historical memory and peace.

This Third Meeting was organized by the IIHR Representative in Colombia and the Unit for Victims under Law 1448 of 2011 and the Protocol of Effective Participation (Resolution 0388 of 2013). Representing the IIHR Office were Juan Navarrete, Adriana Piquero and Henry Velandia.

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