Seventh International Diploma Course for Police on Human Rights

Fecha: (1/16/2020 2:05:15 PM)


Santiago, Chile. The on-site week of the Seventh International Diploma Course for Police on Human Rights, entitled “Working Towards the Consolidation of Criminal Investigations that Focus on Human Rights,” took place November 25-29, 2019 with the objective that police actions be based on respect for human rights. The on-site phase was preceded by a virtual stage that was held July 8 to October 29, using the platform of the IIHR Inter-American Virtual Classroom. The participants, 34 detectives from Chile and 10 members of the police forces of eight Latin American countries, who had received scholarships, were instructed on inter-culturism and vulnerable groups.

María Elena Martínez and Renato Zerbini, members of the IIHR General Assembly, were among the professors. This edition of the Course, as in previous years, was sponsored by the IIHR and the Investigative Police of Chile, with the support of the Chilean Agency of International Cooperation for Development.

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