Tenth Specialized Course on Inter-American System for Protection of Human Rights for State Officials

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San José, Costa Rica. The Tenth Specialized Course on the Use of the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights for State Officials took place November 13-18, 2017 in the IIHR Inter-American Classroom of Human Rights.


José Thompson and Jorge Padilla, Executive Director and Coordinator of the Center of Resources and Studies for Education in Human Rights of the  IIHR, respectively, inauguated the Course and were followed by an agenda that included lectures, a case study and a moot hearing on monitoring compliance with a judgment of the Inter-American Court. The first lecture “Interaction between Domestic Law and the International Law of Human Rights” was given by Mr. Thompson. During the week-long Course, the participants were introduced to related topics such as the organs of protection; procedural aspects and measures of protection (provisional and precautionary); the relationship with other international human rights systems; control of conventionality and the challenges facing the System. With respect to cases, there were talks on the emblematic cases, the execution of judgments of the Court, good practices in friendly settlements within the framework of the American Convention and reparations, which were given by members of the legal staff of the Commission and the Court.


The participants also were brought up-to-date on such current and relevant matters as the differential focus on access to justice of vulnerable groups, human rights defenders, the justiciability of economic social and cultural rights and indigenous peoples and the interculural dialogue, as explained by experts in the different fields.

The Course concluded with a moot hearing on compliance with a judgment of the Inter-American Court, which was preceded by a case study. The participants were awarded a certificate after a recapitulation and an evaluation.

Attending were some 70 participants from almost all of the countries of the region and who worked in public institutions related to the human rights system, human rights defenders and litigators and academics. 

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The list of lectures and lecturers may be found here aquí