XIX Conference of the Association of Electoral Bodies of South America (Protocol of Quito)

Fecha: (2/21/2017 10:36:35 AM)


Quito, Ecuador. The XIX Conference of the Association of Electoral Bodies of South America (Protocol of Quito) took place on February 14 with the participation of the delegations  of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE) assumed the Presidency of the Association at the meeting. The inaugural lecture “Representative Democracy and Candidacies in Latin America: New Challenges for the Electoral Bodies” was given by Hugo Picado, Director of the Institute of Training and Studies in Democracy of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica.

The XIX Conference ratified its commitment to strengthen democratic institutions, including electoral bodies. It also pointed out the challenges regarding public financing and the privacy of elections, transparency, oversight and accountability and, with respect to electoral training, the need to develop programs with diverse political actors and promote an intercultural democratic culture.

The delegations also emphasized the importance of compiling the norms governing public officials in political campaigns and electoral financing. They also referred to the impact of social media in elections, the right to balanced information, the pollsters and the managing of the mass media, all of which with reference to the bodies that they represent. They also agreed to accompany the electoral part of the peace process in Colombia; to continue technical observation missions; and the study and debate on “peer group democracy” in broader terms that would include violence and political harassment against the women of the region.

Finally, in addition to congratulating the CNE for its organization of the elections and the referendum of February 19, the Conference also congratulated the electoral bodies of Ecuador for their hospitality and the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL), specifically its Director, José Thompson, and staff members Sofía Vincenzi and Tasheena Obando, for its work as Executive Secretariat of the Association. 

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