Twentieth Conference of Protocol of Quito

Fecha: (11/25/2019 2:21:06 PM)


Santiago, Chile. The Twentieth Conference of the Association of Electoral Bodies of South America (Protocol of Quito) took place September 5-6, 2019. The principal theme of the event was “Social Networks and Citizen Participation: How do they influence elections?”


Participating in the inauguration of the activity were José Thompson, Director of IIHR/CAPEL –Executive Secretariat of the Association-; Patricio Santamaría Mutis and Haroldo Brito Cruz, Presidents of the Executive Council of the Electoral Service and the Qualifying Tribunal of Elections, both of Chile.


Idayris Yolima Carrillo, former President of the National Electoral Council, opened the academic part of the activity with a lecture on “Social Networks: Between Freedom of Expression and Due Process.” The participants were then informed about social networks in the exercise of participative democracy in Ecuador, the electoral campaigns in Uruguay and their effect on the referendum in Bolivia of 2016 by Angel Torres (Vice President of the Contentious Electoral Tribunal of Ecuador), José Arocena (President of the Electoral Court of Uruguay) and Lucy Cruz Villca (member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia), respectively. There was also a panel on “The use of social networks during the electoral process: the Chilean experience,” with the participation of Eduardo Arriagada (Dean of the School of Communications), Alfredo Joignant (Counsel to the Electoral Service) and Jorge Burgos (Member of the Qualifying Tribunal of Elections of the host country). The second day of the event featured a lecture on the impact of social networks on elections in Mexico by Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, President of the National Electoral Institute of Mexico. This was followed by working groups and the adoption of conclusions, recommendations and decisions by the plenary. 

The IIHR/CAPEL delegation was comprised of its Coordinator, Sofía Vincenzi, and international specialist Tasheena Obando, in addition to Mr. Thompson.

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