XXXIV Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights

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San José, Costa Rica. On Monday evening, August 22, 2016, the XXXIV Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights “Accessible, Effective, Reparative and Differential Justice: Towards the Full Guarantee of Human Rights” was inaugurated in the presence of Ms. Cecilia Sánchez, Minister of Justice and Peace of Costa Rica; Sonia Picado, IIHR Honorary President; Claudio Grossman, President of the IIHR Executive Board, and José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director .


At the initial morning session of the Course, Mr. Thompson and Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of Education, explained the topics to be studied and the methodology of the Course. This was followed by a presentation of the participants and IIHR staff. Later, Ms. Picado gave a talk on “The Historical Perspective of the Interdisciplinary Course.” In the afternoon, Michel Forst, UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, discussed his work .

On Tuesday, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Grossman and the Chairman of the UN Human Rights  and member of the IIHR General Assembly, Fabián Salvioli lectured on “The International Law of Human Rights,” “International Systems of Justice and Human Rights” and International System of Human Rights Protection,” respectively. There was then a panel, which was transmitted on the Internet regarding “International Criminal Justice” with Olga Herrera of the Dominican Republic, who is a judge on the International Criminal Court, and Cynthia Chamberlain, a Costa Rican who is a lawyer in the Division of First Instance of that tribunal. The last event of the day was a forum on “Prevention Detention in Costa Rica,” with Montserrat Solano, Head of the Office of Ombudsman of Costa Rica; James Cavallaro, Chairman of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; Alfredo Chirino, Dean of the Law School of the University of Costa Rica and experts Tomás Poblador and Marco Feoli.

The third day began with a lecture by Mr. Cavallaro, on the “Regional System of Human Rights: The Inter-American Commission.” He was followed by Gabriela Pacheco, staff lawyer of the Inter-American Court, who informed on the mandate and functions of the Court. In the afternoon, after the lecture of Víctor Rodríguez, member of the IIHR Executive Board, on “International Standards of Access to Justice,” the phase of the Course on workshops was begun, directed by a team from the Center of Regional Cooperation for Adult Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, comprised of Paula Porras, Luis Jiménez, Sandra Román, Xiomara Brenes and Argentina Artavia, together with IIHR staff .

The day concluded with the presentation of two books: “Educación en Derechos Humanos” by Ana María Rodino, published by the Universidad Estatal a Distancia of Costa Rica, and  "Activismo judicial y dogmática de los márgenes de Acción. Una discusión en clave neoconstitucional” by Leonardo García Jaramillo, published by the Centro de Estudios Constituciones de Querétaro, the Director of which, Rogelio Flores, was present .


On Thursday, Sergio García Ramírez, former President of the Inter-American Court, spoke on “Integral Reparation and Right to Truth” and Olger González, Court staff lawyer spoke on “Control of Conventionality.” In the afternoon, the Colombian lawyer, Nelson Camilo Sánchez, lectured on “Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,” followed by Eric Tardif, legal advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who spoke on “International Humanitarian Law as a Tool of Protection during Armed Conflicts ”.

Most of Friday, August 26 was taken up with workshops that finished on Saturday. On Friday afternoon, there was a discussion on the “Application of the Brasilia Regulations and the Guidelines of Santiago in the Latin American Judicial Area.” Participating were the IIHR Executive Director; Laura Monge, Technical Secretary of the Ibero-American Association of Public Ministries, and Marcela Arroyave of the Secretariat of Gender and Access to Justice of the Judiciary of Costa Rica. Leading the discussion was Adriana Lander, Project Director of the UN Latin-American Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders .

The second week of the Course began with lectures on “Penal Systems and Human Rights,” “Restorative Justice” and “Transitional Justice” by Mr. Chirino and César Barros Leal and Pedro Nikken, member of the IIHR General Assembly and IIHR Honorary President, respectively. There was a special session in the evening to announce the winners of the Justice and Conventionality competition, sponsored by the IIHR with the support of Agency of Cooperation of Germany .

On August 30, there were lectures on “A Differential Focus,” National Human Rights Institutions and Access to Justic” and “A Dialogue among Jurisdictions,” by Montserrat Solano, Juan Navarrete and Miguel Galvis, respectively. The next day the participants attended a showing of the documentary on Central American migration “Snakes and Ladders” with Keisdo Shimabukuro and Marcelo Pisani. In the afternoon, there was a panel on “Social Networks” with Yanancy Noguera, Alberto Herrera, Catalina Ruiz Navarro and Pablo Mántaras. Finally, Marcela Martino spoke on “A Gender Focus on Access to Justice ”.

The week, during which the participants studied a hypothetical case in the framework of the inter-American system of human rights, culminated on September 1 with a recapitulation, the awarding of certificates and the closing of the activity.

Discurso inaugural de José Thompson J., director ejecutivo del IIDH

Discurso inaugural de la Ministra de Justicia de Costa Rica

XXXIV Curso Interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos. San José, Costa Rica, 25 y 26 de agosto de 2016

XXXIV Curso Interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos. San José, Costa Rica, 24 de agosto de 2016

XXXIV Curso Interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos. San José, Costa Rica, 23 de agosto de 2016

Foro "Prisión Preventiva en Costa Rica". San José, Costa Rica, 23 de agosto de 2016

Acto inagural del XXXIV Curso Interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos.  San José, Costa Rica, 22 de agosto de 2016

XXXIV Curso Interdisciplinario en Derechos Humanos. San José, Costa Rica, 22 de agosto de 2016