Yoga and Values in the Jails: launch of the Shala project

Fecha: (1/16/2017 11:19:19 AM)

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Montevideo, Uruguay. As part of the Yoga and Values in the Jails program, being conducted by the OmBijam Space in collaboration with the IIHR Regional Office for South America, October 13 saw the launch of the Shala Project, a space for yoga, meditation and education in human rights for those in Unit No. 6 of the National Institute of Rehabilitation. This space will be open to inmates and employees of the penitentiary, authorities, police and teachers.  

Participating in the inauguration, in addition to a delegation of inmates, were the IIHR Representative, Soledad García Muñoz; the Director of the Yoga and Values in the Jails program, Pamela Martínez; the Director of Unit No. 6, Luis Parodi; Carolina García, a journalist; the Director of the Center for Training of the Spanish Cooperation, Manuel de la Iglesia-Caruncho, the host of the event; the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Penitentiary System, Juan Miguel Petit; Graciela Barrera, of the Association of Family Members Victims of Crime; and the Director of the Secretariat of Human Rights of Uruguay, Nelson Villareal.

A meeting was held on November 30 to inform on the achievements and challenges of the program, as well as on the different forms to collaborate with this not-for-profit initiative on prevention, rehabilitation and reinsertion of persons deprived of their freedom. Through the values that it promotes, the program reinforces an integral vision of human rights, with concrete steps that will allow new contents and ways of conflict resolution by means of comprehension, tolerance, coexistence, cooperation, discipline, commitment and respect.


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