In accordance with its mandate to promote human rights, the IIHR publishes and distributes books, journals, training materials, audiovisuals and digital content on the Inter-American System of Human Rights, political-electoral rights, economic, social and cultural rights, human rights education, human rights of women, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants, and other topics.

Many of these publications are the result of institutional research that addresses many different thematic areas, forming a rich collection of some 1,500 books, more than sixty editions of the IIHR Review that has been published since 1985, newsletters, and other materials.

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Acces to justice

Acces to justice in the workplace

Comprehensive care to victims of torture in processes of litigation

Economic, social and cultural rights

Human rights

Human rights of women

Political rights and elections

Human rights education

Freedom of expression

Children and adolescents

Ombudsman and human rights


Migrants and refugees

Prevention of Torture

Indigenous peoples and Afro descendants

IIHR Journal

Citizen security

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Inter-American System

Truth, justice and reparation