Working with technological platforms

The IIHR creates, promotes and facilitates cooperation and the sharing of knowledge; experiences and information in order improve the conditions for the exercise of human rights and democracy.


Red Incidiendo

This network is comprised of organizations and persons who work with issues of poverty, it was established to identify experiences regarding the status of the protection of certain human rights of those who live in poverty. Its role is to strengthen the system of indicators of progress in human rights in relation to poverty and to incorporate, from a human rights approach, public policies and the development of strategies to formulate them in such a way to enable the exercise of full citizenship and a dignified life for those living in poverty.


Network regarding Indigenous Peoples

This network facilitates the analysis, discussion, generation of proposals and dissemination of critical thinking in the context of the implementation of the right of consultation of the indigenous peoples in the Americas. Individuals and organizations devoted to the defense, promotion, and protection of the rights of indigenous people participate in this Facebook page.


Inter-American Electoral Network

With the formation of the Association of Electoral Bodies of Central America and the Caribbean (Protocol of Tikal, 1985), the Association of the Electoral Bodies of South America (Protocol of Quito, 1989), and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE, 1991) – the latter of which combines the first two plus the electoral organizations of Canada, United States and Mexico, and the Center for Electoral Assistance and Promotion (IIHR/CAPEL), as the Executive Secretariat of each of the three Associations, an authentic inter-American electoral network has been created to improve electoral systems, one of the elements of democracy. Through this network, the Inter-American Institute and CAPEL promote exchange of information policies, horizontal cooperation, technical assistance and the reciprocal observation of elections.


Education-HR Network

Created in 2002 to share information about human rights education, it is comprised of some 3610 organizations and individuals, including counterparts, government officials, activists, members of civil society, and former participants of IIHR courses (Interdisciplinary, State Officials, CAPEL and Civil Society).

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