Requirements to be published

Articles submitted to the Editorial Committee of the IIHR Journal must meet the following requirements:

  • The articles must be the result of high-level research and fall within the general thematic lines of the Journal or the terms of the convocation, if any.
  • The articles must be unpublished and exclusive to the IIHR Journal and thus cannot be completely or partially reproduced, except with permission of the IIHR in writing. No compensation will be awarded.
  • Unless there is a specific call, articles will be received year round. They may be sent to the Editorial Committee at:

If an article is sent with respect to a specific convocation, it must meet the deadline and

  • Include the following information about the author: full name, brief Curriculum Vitae, institution (if applicable), postal address, phone number, and email.
  • Contain an abstract in both English and Spanish, of no more than one hundred words (seven or eight lines) and five key words.

Formal requirements

  • Word format
  • Font type and size: Arial, 12.
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Length: up to 50,000 characters with spaces included, from twenty to thirty pages letter size, including text, pictures, graphics and maps, if applicable. The original backups of all of the images included in the article must also be sent.
  • Title must not exceed 75 characters including spaces.
  • The notes and quotes must comply with the requirements of the Style and fromat guide.

Contributions will be received in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, as long as they meet the established requirements.

Publication of the articles shall depend on the decision of the Editorial Committee, in consultation with experts in the subjects covered, and the staff of the IIHR, such decision shall be notified to the author. The relevance and quality of the content shall be taken into account, together with the meeting of the formal requirements.

Accepted articles will be edited for style. Their publication will be scheduled according to the criteria and dispositions of the Editorial Committee, and the space available in each issue.

By sending an article to the IIHR, its author is deemed to accept the requirements and conditions of publications and to authorize its distribution and include them in the different media and formats, such as the Website and other print and digital publications.

The opinions expressed in the published articles of the Journal are the sole responsibility of their author and do not necessarily represent those of the IIHR or its donors.