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The Development and promotion of the concept of human security in Latin America project

      •  Objectives
      •  Activities
      •  Advisory Council
The general objective is to promote the adoption of the human security approach in the understanding of the challenges of development in Latin America, emphasizing a regional a regional approach but working in selected countries.
The specific objectives are:
  • Establish an advisory platform for the project from different perspectives (human development, human rights and human security) through the creation of a high-level Advisory Council.  
  • Validate and disseminate the concept of human security in Latin America based on a systematization of regional projects and research
  • Deepen the understanding and acceptance of human security in Latin America among political leaders, policy makers, analysts and academics
  • Provide guidance to the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security regarding the priorities in human security in Latin America.
The regional project Development and promotion of the concept of human security in Latin America is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Costa Rica and the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR), which is headquartered in that country. It is financed by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS).
The project’s action plan includes the following activities
  • A systematization of projects financed by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) with an emphasis on several case studies to analyze the human security approach from a practical perspective. 
  • An inventory of other initiatives to promote human security that have been developed in the region with the purpose of disseminating those that have been successful
  • A mapping of the agendas on security and on development of the multilateral bodies of integration in Latin America and in the Inter-American system
  • A training proposal on how to incorporate the human security approach into the national and regional agendas
  • Workshops, seminars and other fora for debate and analysis of human security in the region. 
Advisory Council 
The Advisory Council of the project Development and promotion of the concept of human security in Latin America is a support and advisory body comprised of individuals from different sectors and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, who are known for their broad knowledge and commitment to the region with respect to the complementary themes of human rights, development and human security.  
The members of the Advisory Council are
  • Luiza Carvalho, Resident Representative of the UNDP in Costa Rica.  
  • Sonia Picado, President of the IIHR.
Ex-officio member:
  • Roberto Cuéllar, Executive Director of the IIHR.
  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Brazil. Twice President of Brazil. Sociologist, journalist, professor and statesman. Founder of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote debate on democracy.
  • Line Bareiro, Paraguay. Political scientist and lawyer, professor of gender studies, feminist and human rights activist. Member of the CEDAW Committee since 2010. 
  • François Fouinat, France. Senior Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Migration and Development, Former Executive Director of the UN Commission on Human Security, member of the UN Advisory Board on Human Security.  
  • Hernando Gómez Buendía, Colombia. Journalist and professor who has promoted the human development approach in Latin America, he coordinated the Human Development Report for Central America (2009-2010) "Opening Spaces to Citizen Security and Human Development".
  • Nina Pacari, Ecuador. Lawyer and indigenous leader, judge of the Supreme Court of Ecuador and member of the IIHR General Assembly.
  • Wendy Singh, Guyana. Member of the IIHR General Assembly. Former Executive Director of Penal Reform International, Caribbean/Latin American Office, Coordinator of the Caribbean Human Rights Network for six years.
  • Bradford Smith, United States. President of the Foundation Center. Former President of the Oak Foundation in Geneva and former Director of the Ford Foundation’s Peace and Social Justice Program. Member of the UN Advisory Board on Human Security. 
  • Eduardo Stein, Guatemala. Former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Guatemala. Chaired the Truth Commission of Honduras and is, inter alia, an international consultant. 


This project is made possible thanks to the contribution of The United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS)

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