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Contribution of Truth, Justice, and Reparation Policies to Latin American Democracies

Publicada en 2011

This book offers a global perspective of truth, justice, and reparation processes in eight Latin American countries that have suffered gross violations of human rights in the last few decades. This notion of process is a key element that is used to analyze the case studies, and it is also a comparative perspective about the similarities and differences and the general trends in Latin America. Speaking of a process refers us to a set of actions related to each other and to different political contexts, actors, and social dynamics and their evolution over the years. 

Most of the countries analyzed here have had truth commissions, with the exception of Colombia, and these commissions represented extrajudicial investigation mechanisms to address past violations of human rights, as well as open a social space for the victims, and provide an agenda of recommendations for the political transition processes (Hayner, 2009).