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II Inter-american report on human rights education. Development of school curricula and textbooks

Publicada en el 2003

Education in Human Rights is the foremost task of our democracies and is today a right in the Americas. As such, it entails the obligation of the State to ensure an education and learning that incorporates the knowledge, values, attitudes and competences necessary to educate citizens who are aware that they are the subject of rights and responsibilities.

This Second Inter-American Report on Human Rights Education, which refers to the 19 countries that have signed the Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights in the Area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, (Protocol of San Salvador), has verified the substantial trends outlined in the First Report, by showing a progressive increase in the human rights content of the curricula for children and youths in the hemisphere. This corroboration of progress in the educational field is encouraging, because human rights and their effective exercise must begin in early childhood.